For Reference: I have combination skin – Dryish on my cheeks, oilier on T-zone and chin. It is not very dry or very oily either way. I am not acne-prone nor do I have very sensitive skin so if something breaks me out, its quite something! I prefer using chemical based sunscreens with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide breaks me out.

Sunscreen or sunblock. Whatever you want to call it. Use it! I have tried so many different brands of sunscreen in my time (and I do have my favourite that I’ve repurchased) but there is also one you don’t hear a lot of but which I also quite like. I recently found out that the […]


Fact is, ladies and gents, I have used loads… and I mean LOADS of different skincare in my time. It’s part of the reason I started blogging it. I wanted to share how the different products out there have worked, or not, for me. Who knew that it would blow up the way it did! […]


When I recently went away on vacation, it was to a country in the Northern Hemisphere which had just broken through a particularly long winter, and Spring was just in the air. That wasn’t quite what the weather report for Prague told me when I checked before I left. I had reports of weather in […]


About 2 weeks ago I told you about finding a slightly more affordable alternative to my favourite sunscreen from Shiseido. How about that, I appear to have told a little white lie 😛 Yes, I like the Kose Sekkisei one but it turns out, that one has been relegated to third place, now that this […]


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