For Reference: I have combination skin – Dryish on my cheeks, oilier on T-zone and chin. It is not very dry or very oily either way. I have freckles and light pigmentation on my cheekbones and acne scars. I do not have a problem with lines or sagging skin. I am not acne-prone nor do I have very sensitive skin so if something breaks me out, its quite something!

Many years ago when I was in Covent Garden, I remembered seeing a store called Neal’s Yard Remedies. At the time, I was in a bit of a hurry and my store to target was Lush. I then forgot about Neal’s Yard Remedies until I came across it on some English blogs. Well, this English […]


I received an interesting email question from reader, Wan a while ago, where she asked me what sorts of skincare I’d splurge on. Basically, out of the different products I use, which ones will I splurge on and on the flip side, which I might save on. Well, Wan the answer might be glaringly obvious […]


Some of you may remember reading about Ah Yuan Soap on my blog a few years ago. They are a range of organic handmade soap originating from Taiwan. It was a very good range of soaps, for various uses although some people did say they weren’t used to the strong herbal smells. I personally liked […]


I was talking to a friend last week and was quite incredulous when told that said friend used to think “LOL” stood for “Lots of Love”. I honestly, hand on heart, believed it was an urban myth! A joke popularised by the internet, but nope. Here was someone telling me in all seriousness that was […]


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