I’m sure you have noticed this, but the beauty world (and by extension, beauty blog world) operate in trending waves. One day you have a wave of people telling you how wonderful the Clarisonic has been for their skin and everyone runs out to buy one, nevermind the hefty price, and mostly love it. You […]


Some time last year, I told you about a new range of skincare from French brand, L’Occitane who we tend to associate more with bath and body products. (And don’t those smell delicious and feel so lovely? ) The range was Angelica and it is a range of skincare products targeted at hydration. I’d tried […]


I’m starting to incorporate some whitening products back into my skincare and I decided to try the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector because a) that clear liquid really really intrigues me and b) it smells of lavender! I do read a lot of good reports from those who have tried it, so I do […]


I’ve noticed an interesting trend in organic skincare. We’re starting to find affordable certified organic skincare in our local pharmacies and if you ask me, that’s super! I will be the first to say that I don’t frequent organic grocery stores nor beauty stores that sell only natural or organic products so being able to […]


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