Skincare Product Reviews

For Reference: I have combination skin – Dryish on my cheeks, oilier on T-zone and chin. It is not very dry or very oily either way. I have freckles and light pigmentation on my cheekbones and acne scars. I have some fine lines and gravity is starting to take its toll. I am not acne-prone nor do I have very sensitive skin so if something breaks me out, its quite something!

Sunscreen is my biggest indulgence when it comes to my skincare routine. I don’t skimp on it whether in costs or in usage. Recently, I found that La Roche Posay Anthelios XL cream works very well for me. However, as its not readily available in Malaysia, I had to find a substitute. Find one I […]


First off, call me a sceptic but I find it hard to buy into the whole DNA-gene thing sorry Biotherm and Lancome! So, what I will tell you is how the new Biotherm Skin Vivo skin care range feels on my skin. I treat it as I do anti-aging skin care so I will tell […]


I’d read so much about zinc oxide and how its THE BEST UV blocker out there, blocking both UV-A and UV-B rays effectively. Zinc Oxide is also recommended for people with sensitive skin because its a physical blocker and therefore less likely to irritate skin unlike chemical blockers. So of course I had to try […]


When Shu Uemura unveiled to us their Iconic 5 products, I could not help but stifle a most impertinent giggle. You see I’d used or am still using 4 out of 5 products already! What does that tell you about Shu Uemura’s marketing eh? The only product I’d not tried was the Shu Uemura UV […]


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