For Reference: I have combination skin – Dryish on my cheeks, oilier on T-zone and chin. It is not very dry or very oily either way. I have freckles and light pigmentation on my cheekbones and acne scars. I do not have a problem with lines or sagging skin. I am not acne-prone nor do I have very sensitive skin so if something breaks me out, its quite something!

Photo credit of AFP from Channelnewsasia I shared this piece of news a few days ago on Facebook that Kanebo Cosmetics Inc was discontinuing the manufacture and sale of selected whitening products from 3 ranges of skincare, but was waiting for the info from the Malaysian offices before I posted a quick PSA. Basically, about […]


Alright, I’m curious if anyone is doing this – using 2 different moisturisers on your face at the same time. Not layering them, but using them in different areas for different reasons to target different concerns. Anyone? I’ve been experimenting with this tip for a few months and because I’ve seen results, I wanted to […]


Hands up everyone who is familiar with this yellow lotion from Clinique! Come on come on, don’t be shy I’m sure many of you would have, at one point or another tried the very popular Clinique 3 Step system and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or Gel. I have but the Clinique basic skincare range […]


Fact is, ladies and gents, I have used loads… and I mean LOADS of different skincare in my time. It’s part of the reason I started blogging it. I wanted to share how the different products out there have worked, or not, for me. Who knew that it would blow up the way it did! […]


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