If there’s one item I’m faithful to, it’s to my face wash. I know, strange. But I’ve yet to find a worthy substitute to what I’d probably term my HG (holy grail) face wash, which is unfortunately by Vichy. Unfortunately, because I can’t get it locally anymore. While I do still keep bottles of it […]


If you didn’t already realise, I no longer use cleansing oils to remove makeup and as my first step of cleansing so despite being a huge fan of them before, you won’t see anymore going forth. These days, I’m all about cleansing balms because cleansing oils are far too drying for my skin and I […]


You may think this a funny question, but it’s one I’ve been wondering about for a while. Well, ever since I reviewed the Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water and found out that some people don’t wash their faces in the morning, but just use it to “clean up” as it were. I then found out after […]


At one time, anyone who wanted to use natural or organic skincare had a tough time at it. I tried a few brands and products in the early days but if I’m to be honest, few of them really did anything for me. Some even made my skin worse and there were others that gave […]


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