I’d had a hectic event-filled last weekend, with a good friend’s wedding on one day and my little nephew’s first birthday party on the other. I think I need a weekend after that weekend! It was the first time in a long time that I’d worn makeup every single day of a week, late into […]


I wanted to share with you today a skincare tip that I have been trying out with increasing success. There’s no point sharing a beauty tip unless you have tried it for yourself and know that it works, you know It is a very cheap tip and importantly, it is very effective! The tip is […]


We haven’t had a major brand launch a new skincare line recently have we? Many of the new releases we’ve been getting are reformulations of existing products or additions to an existing range. So, learning of a brand new addition to the Shiseido skincare stable about 2 months ago was very exciting. The new range […]


I’m still experimenting with facial cleansers ever since I stopped using cleansing oils. On a previous occasion, I was playing around with cleansing milk or cream cleansers. They were ok, but not quite what I was looking for. Then, I was using cleansing water and micellar water. Refreshing, but although I really like the Bioderma […]


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