When I was on college and even while I was in university, The Body Shop Passion Fruit Facial Cleansing Gel was my go-to facial wash. At that time, on a student budget, The Body Shop was considered “luxury”. Well, not while I was in the UK but here in KL it was. What I remember […]


Come, let me share something unusual with you, that I found myself liking. A gel cleanser that does not lather yet cleans well without drying and works too as a mask. Intrigued? Introducing the Kuan Yuan Lian Loofah Essence Hydrating Cleanser available at Pattybelle (no longer in business). When I first received it, I thought […]


What the… ?? Skin as smooth as fresh snow is what I’m going for Skincare is always a tricky thing to get as gifts. Well, unless you already know what your friends are using and what their concerns are and what they are allergic to! Here are my picks for the best of skincare in […]


I received some sample sized Botani skincare a while ago. I tried them and kept meaning to tell you about them but found I did not have much to say. So instead, I’ll tell you first about the one I liked. The product I enjoyed using most was the Botani Olive Hand Cream (100ml/RM88.50). It […]

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