What the… ?? Skin as smooth as fresh snow is what I’m going for Skincare is always a tricky thing to get as gifts. Well, unless you already know what your friends are using and what their concerns are and what they are allergic to! Here are my picks for the best of skincare in […]


I received some sample sized Botani skincare a while ago. I tried them and kept meaning to tell you about them but found I did not have much to say. So instead, I’ll tell you first about the one I liked. The product I enjoyed using most was the Botani Olive Hand Cream (100ml/RM88.50). It […]

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Early this week we were introduced to organic makeup in the form of Madara – a certified organic brand from Latvia. I had something else lined up today but I thought I’d tell you about the Madara EcoFace Organic Skincare before you go off to claim your samples this weekend The products I was sent […]


Most of us take a shower in the evening after work and before bed, and this is when we wash our faces for the 2nd time in the day. For those who use makeup, it is also the time you clean off your makeup and allow your skin to breathe. I have a suggestion for […]


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