When I tried the new Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil, I was struck by how similar it was to the I Nuovi Cleanse Splash Away Makeup Cleansing Oil (a mouthful which I’ll call I Nuovi Cleansing Oil from now on). I also realised that although my bottle is nearly finished, I’d never mentioned it prior to […]


I came across this new skincare range from Kiehl’s on WWD and I’m intrigued. Kiehl’s has come up with a new Acai Berry skincare range that is certified Organic. What really caught my eye is the use of the Acai Berry. What is the Acai Berry? You might have seen a lot of spam online […]


I was passing by a Bobbi Brown booth at MidValley last week when I noticed that the new Ivy League collection was already out here. Surprised me – we don’t always get new collections so quickly. I also got a sample of the new Bobbi Brown cleansing oil which I share some thoughts on below. […]


Life’s simple – don’t complicate it! Thats the mantra I live by… or try to live by. But seriously, life IS simple – its people who are complicated And in the spirit of keeping it simple, I’ve been using Clinique’s 3 step programme these couple of weeks. Does that make me sound like I’m in […]


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