I’m still no nail blogger, despite the occasional posts I’ve put up on the nail polish I like. You will notice that it is overwhelmingly dominated by one or maybe 2 brands and that’s how I intend to keep it. Nail polish isn’t my thing the way lipsticks or blushes are. I could own 20 […]


I pulled out a couple of things recently to use and was very amused to find them all in varying shades of pink! What better time to showcase them as a group than today – the day of everything pink and pretty and fuzzy and wuzzy How fitting that they can go on the face […]


I was planning to do a whole compilation post of all the nail polishes in the A-England The Legend collection. I just received them recently and have been meaning to showcase them. This is the new collection based on St. George and the Dragon and is, I promise you, one of the best I’ve known. […]


When I told you about the very pretty Tristam polish, reader Applegal mentioned about how awesome it would be to have a polish range named for the characters in the A Song of Fire and Ice fantasy series. You may not know the “A Song of Fire and Ice” fantasy book series written by George […]


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