A-England was the brand that made me want to start painting my nails again, and that is really no mean feat, considering my impatience and all round klutziness when it comes to nails. I picked up all in The Legends collection when it was released and considered myself done in. Got bored But when I […]


I’m still no nail blogger, despite the occasional posts I’ve put up on the nail polish I like. You will notice that it is overwhelmingly dominated by one or maybe 2 brands and that’s how I intend to keep it. Nail polish isn’t my thing the way lipsticks or blushes are. I could own 20 […]


I pulled out a couple of things recently to use and was very amused to find them all in varying shades of pink! What better time to showcase them as a group than today – the day of everything pink and pretty and fuzzy and wuzzy How fitting that they can go on the face […]


I was planning to do a whole compilation post of all the nail polishes in the A-England The Legend collection. I just received them recently and have been meaning to showcase them. This is the new collection based on St. George and the Dragon and is, I promise you, one of the best I’ve known. […]


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