RM50, depending on how you look a it, can take you far (I could eat for a week on RM50!) or it isn’t very much. RM50 at today’s exchange rate is roughly S$20, £10,  US$16 or €13. Yeah, once we do the math, it looks pretty pathetic LOL! 😛 Yet, RM50 can buy me some of my […]


This is a short story about the time that makeup went on holiday and a possible explanation of how Dior Cosmo got its jelly texture. Its the weekend, we need some fun and you don’t want to be stuck here reading a thesis Once upon a time, at the height of the Summer Mix, Dior […]


“Orange” you glad its Sunday today? How was your week and weekend? I’ve had a really rough week at work, and haven’t had much of a weekend either. Suddenly, its getting sort of hard to balance things on this tightrope. Yeah boo, feels sorry for myself and all that 😛 But I am trying to […]


Bright! Sunny! Yellow! Ooh my eyes! Let me put on my sunnies Those were my reactions when I took the Dior Vernis in Acapulco out of its box. Seriously, that bottle could almost glow in the dark. It doesn’t, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? 😀 Acapulco is one of 4 Dior Vernis […]


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