This is a short story about the time that makeup went on holiday and a possible explanation of how Dior Cosmo got its jelly texture. Its the weekend, we need some fun and you don’t want to be stuck here reading a thesis Once upon a time, at the height of the Summer Mix, Dior […]


“Orange” you glad its Sunday today? How was your week and weekend? I’ve had a really rough week at work, and haven’t had much of a weekend either. Suddenly, its getting sort of hard to balance things on this tightrope. Yeah boo, feels sorry for myself and all that But I am trying to get […]


Bright! Sunny! Yellow! Ooh my eyes! Let me put on my sunnies Those were my reactions when I took the Dior Vernis in Acapulco out of its box. Seriously, that bottle could almost glow in the dark. It doesn’t, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? Acapulco is one of 4 Dior Vernis shades […]


I don’t usually post much on weekends, but I’m making an exception for this weekend because its the Diamond Jubilee weekend! Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne and I’m a bit of an Anglophile so I had to mark the occasion. Its not everyday we see a monarch reign for 60 years […]

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