The last time Dior put up a nail-lip matchy-matchy show, they kept the colours pretty close. In the same family at least. So, when I saw that the Grand Bal Christmas collection had a Diorific lipstick named Diva and a nail colour named Diva, I expected them to be in the same colour family. Uh… […]


Dior is making big splashes this year. Is it any coincidence that its the Olympics year and Dior went for Gold? For the Autumn/Fall 2012 collection, Dior decided to look to the jungle for inspiration. Its not as if it popped out of the blue. Mr. Christian Dior in 1947 had unveiled his couture collection […]


RM50, depending on how you look a it, can take you far (I could eat for a week on RM50!) or it isn’t very much. RM50 at today’s exchange rate is roughly S$20, £10,  US$16 or €13. Yeah, once we do the math, it looks pretty pathetic LOL! Yet, RM50 can buy me some of my favourite […]


This is a short story about the time that makeup went on holiday and a possible explanation of how Dior Cosmo got its jelly texture. Its the weekend, we need some fun and you don’t want to be stuck here reading a thesis Once upon a time, at the height of the Summer Mix, Dior […]


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