Are you any good with nail art? Me? I can barely apply polish properly, much less do anything fancy with my nails! That said, I’m one of those rare birds who prefers going bare-nailed. So, I think nail polish innovations like crackle polish (remember that? I’m glad it’s died out!) and magnetic nail polish and […]


I was introduced to a new local (Malaysian) brand of cosmetics yesterday known as Covo Cosmetics and while I have my reservations about getting excited over a new player in the market without quite knowing how long it’ll be hanging around for, I must say I have been quite taken by the few items I’ve […]


Frost Bloom is a capsule makeup collection from Dior that is released concurrently with the Diorsnow skincare range and is the offering for Spring 2013. In a sense, I suppose we in Asia are spoilt for choice when it comes to Springtime products because we don’t only get the regular Spring collections, we also get […]


God-awful rhyming aside… 😀 In the Dior Cherie Bow collection, there were 3 items that caught my eye for being “interesting”. The first was the Twin Set eyeshadows. Despite not quite hitting the mark, I found them interesting. The other 2 interesting items were the Glow-y ones – Nail Glow and Lip Glow. What intrigued […]


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