I haven’t dwelt on my favourite subject matter for a while – bags! Actually I haven’t dwelt on the subject much since I stopped blogging on weekends. With so few blogging days a week, I found it hard to squeeze in everything I wanted, yet I was loathe to break the rhythm heh… But hey, […]


Last week, something happened to a friend that had me thinking afresh about the crab bucket that most of us find ourselves in. What is a crab bucket you ask? Well, quite literally a bucket of live crabs. Over here, where eating fresh seafood is a way of life, I’d grown up going to a […]


You know what really sucks? When you own something that you really like and finally get around to taking pictures so you can blog and tell the world just how much you absolutely freaking love this thing…. only to find out it has been discontinued. What. The. Flying…. Fish! But you know what? I’d already […]


Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed that there were rumblings of Christian Louboutin (yes, that famed red soled shoe brand) releasing a lipstick very soon. They had already ventured into beauty with their nail polishes, with packaging which could poke your eyes out. I believe this was last year. There, that’s that nail […]


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