Some time a couple of weeks ago, I was looking up the price of Hydraluron serum and I noticed that it was now RM109 as opposed to RM80 back in December 2013 when I first used it. Now, I am quite aware that a price increase over time is inevitable, and in the big scheme of […]


This year, due to various circumstances, which includes the lack of good food near work, and the rising prices of food, especially at the hawkers, I decided to make it a point to bring my lunches to work. I used to a while ago, but as with a lot of things, it didn’t last as […]


I’ve mentioned this occasionally in my blog posts in the past 6 months or more, that I no longer wear mascara. The last post I wrote about a mascara was back in 2013. What this means is that I’ve not been wearing mascara for at least 6 months, if not 12! I’ve had a few […]


Ok, there’s this infernal construction work going on outside my office window that makes me want to stab someone. Does this explain why I’ve been tardy with blog posts? Erm…. can it? LOL! I’m just about all caught up with my emails (if I owe you one, I should have replied. If I didn’t, I […]


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