I’ve been mentioning my recent holiday long enough, with talk on Twitter early in the year about an adventure I was going to take. It turned out to be quite an adventure indeed, for which I’m very pleased about. There’s much to be said for going on little adventures in your life. No, I did […]


Ok those of you who travel, or rather, fly around a lot, do you have any inflight beauty essentials? You know those beauty items that you make sure you have with you in the cabin, no matter what? I usually carry my whole toiletries kit on board the plane actually. I just make sure that […]


Hello Hello peeps! 😀 We haven’t had a good ol’ chat in a while have we? I just checked my archives and the last time I ran a MWS Cafe chat was back in 2013. What the….?! Well, let’s remedy that If you are wondering what this Cafe business is, no, I’m not opening a […]


A little while ago, I received a very interesting query from a reader. I can’t remember who it is now, and I apologise, but I promised I’d explain it all in a blog post, which is this one right here 😀 Basically, the reader had noted that I was using quite a lot of natural […]


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