Makeup Reviews

Loads and loads of reviews about all aspects of makeup, from many diverse brands complete where possible with pretty photos, product swatches, how it looks on me and comprehensive commentary. Enjoy!

By now my anti-MAC feelings are probably quite well known amongst regulars. I make no apologies as I’ve had my run ins with the brand and the (lack of) service and there is very little from the brand that I’m attracted to. Yet, there is one item I own from MAC that I do like […]


Ugh, my love for Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks know no bounds! Ugh I say, because they’re such luxurious treats that cause a serious dent to the wallet, and to the head of someone who you throw this at. I always say the Rouge G is like a weapon. When they called it a lipstick bullet, […]


With CC Creams now being the norm, it ought to come as no surprise when the big brands start releasing their own versions of what is popularly termed “colour correcting” creams. To be honest, with some products, there is scant difference between a BB Cream and a CC Cream. Both are tinted, both are used […]


I took a while to warm up to this powder but now that I have, I have to get this out there because I want you to have a chance to check it out or even get it, before it totally disappears. Damn these limited edition business! The reason I’m so anxious that you not […]


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