Makeup Brushes, Tools and Paraphanelia

My personal preference for makeup brushes lie with natural hair brushes and I’m not averse to paying for a good brush because I have seen the effects it can have, which is wonderful! I will however, balk at paying too much and I am not averse to trying a highly raved and highly rated budget option!

Ahhh I never talked about my Lunasol Cheek Brush did I? I’ve owned it for months now and I love it! Its the only cheek brush, or blush brush as most of us will know it by, that I use daily. The Lunasol Cheek Brush N is a very lovely and soft brush made from […]


If the beauty buzz hasn’t already made you sit up and take notice, then I’m here to tell you that with the success of the Diorskin Nude foundation from 2 years ago, Dior has upped the ante, and launched a brand new formula for both their Diorskin Nude liquid and powder foundation. I absolutely adore […]


A while ago, reader Joy left a reply to another reader about how she was taught in makeup school, a cheap and effective way to clean her makeup brushes (Have I mentioned how I love it when you all chip in to help each other? I start picking up gems and tips too! ) It […]


A while ago, I showed you a birds eye view of the epically large cosmetics kit that I packed ostensibly for travel. Firstly, I’d just like to say that if I were truly travelling for work or even for a holiday, I never pack a kit this massive. My travel cosmetics kits fit in 1 […]


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