Makeup Brushes, Tools and Paraphanelia

My personal preference for makeup brushes lie with natural hair brushes and I’m not averse to paying for a good brush because I have seen the effects it can have, which is wonderful! I will however, balk at paying too much and I am not averse to trying a highly raved and highly rated budget option!

I have a love-hate relationship with cream and liquid blushes or cheek stains. On the one hand, I love how a good cream or liquid blush will sit and move with your skin, giving you that barely there, yet natural glow from within your skin. A cheek stain will stay with you long after your […]


Righty then ladies, time for us to tell the truth. Do you honestly, hand on your heart swear that you wash your makeup brushes after every single use? This, whether using cream, liquid or powder makeup. After. Every. Single. Use. Honestly? I was thinking about this after reading some of your comments and fears or […]


I’ve been wanting to tell you about the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for a while now, but kept putting it off. Recently, when I shared the super efficient liquid foundation application tutorial, quite a few of you expressed an interest in using or owning a face brush, and specifically, in the Shiseido Perfect Foundation […]


Despite all my attempts at using a bronzer, and despite how user-friendly the Dior Nude Tan Aurora Bronzing Powder from Summer 2012 was, I’m still not your best example of a bronzing beauty. But pair the bronzer powder with a blush and my sights zero straight on to the product – no blinking, do not […]


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