Makeup Brushes, Tools and Paraphanelia

My personal preference for makeup brushes lie with natural hair brushes and I’m not averse to paying for a good brush because I have seen the effects it can have, which is wonderful! I will however, balk at paying too much and I am not averse to trying a highly raved and highly rated budget option!

Compared? Compared with what? You might ask. With the full size versions of course! When I last wrote about the Shu Uemura limited edition Mika brush set for Christmas 2008, I mentioned that I wasn’t too enamoured with the face brush and pouch of the premium brush set and that if they would sell me […]


Work has been piling up and since I’m starting to find my work shovel hitting the bottom (that means I’ve worked hard and paved wide inroads in backlog of paperwork – yay me!) I felt it was time for some personal rewards! First off, this is what came in the mail yesterday! Yet another brush […]


We love the Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush, yes we do! That about sums up how I feel about the powder brush in a nutshell. Now, onto slightly more detailed thoughts. The Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush is available at Target stores or and only available in the USA. Mine came courtesy of a good gal […]


In all the time browsing the forums a brand of makeup brushes would pop up very often that intrigued me – Sonia Kashuk found at Target. Yep! Not a high end brand of brushes, but a cheap (relatively) line at a cheap department store…. but found only in the USA – BOO! So I […]


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