Makeup Brushes, Tools and Paraphanelia

My personal preference for makeup brushes lie with natural hair brushes and I’m not averse to paying for a good brush because I have seen the effects it can have, which is wonderful! I will however, balk at paying too much and I am not averse to trying a highly raved and highly rated budget option!

I have never ever used false eyelashes before. Never. Until recently, that is. I used to admire girls with lovely long lush lashes curling upwards into infinity and I’d be so jealous. Then, they’ll laugh and tell me its false eyelashes and I’m even more jealous that they can put it on themselves without gluing […]


I’d never heard of this phrase “tightlining” until about a year ago. Before this, lining your eyelids or lashes to me, meant lining above your lashes. This was the method I used when using gel eyeliner, as I have shown in a previous post on how to use a gel eyeliner. However, I’d read a […]


If you are like me and spend the longest time putting on mascara, fearing to get poked in the eye by the mascara wand, or fearing having mascara smeared over your lid, would you use a vibrating mascara wand? Well, the folks at Lancome and Estee Lauder certainly think so! Lancome has come up with […]


I received an email from Intan one day who had a query about her makeup application. Although she had the right foundation/ compact powder colour,  and used a light hand, she still felt it went on too thickly. Intan wanted to know if there were any tips to overcome this. I have replied to Intan […]


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