Some of you may remember that a while ago, I did a post where I picked 10 things I loved that cost under RM50. I had good fun doing it, because it reminds me that even as I traipse amongst the hallowed beauty halls of department store beauty, there are some gems to be found […]


Lipbalm and I aren’t quite the best of friends. We aren’t arch enemies, but we only have a nodding acquaintance. If I see Lipbalm across the room, I’d nod at them to acknowledge that yes, I know you’re here, and they’d nod back to say yes, we are and some day, you’re going to regret not […]


I am personally not much of a lipbalm fan. I don’t use any, in fact, which surprises some and shocks others. The only concession I have to lip balm is the Lucas Papaw Ointment I use at night as an overnight lip treatment. But I couldn’t help myself when I got hold of the Silly […]


A while ago, I showed you a birds eye view of the epically large cosmetics kit that I packed ostensibly for travel. Firstly, I’d just like to say that if I were truly travelling for work or even for a holiday, I never pack a kit this massive. My travel cosmetics kits fit in 1 […]


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