If you do not already have them, let me tell you about the wonders of using blackout curtains. These curtains are usually thick very opaque curtains that have the effect of blocking out light whether from outside in or inside out. They might have originated from the World Wars, I’m not sure of the history. […]


Did you ever read “The Old Curiousity Shop” by Charles Dickens? Its quite a depressing read, but I always wanted to wander into a curiousity shop. I did do so often, but there aren’t many to browse in locally. Well if you’re at a loose end on a Sunday (or any day, actually) Sundays at […]


Here’s the deal. I thought the Benefit Cosmetics Crescent Row 2011 Planner was cute. In pictures that is. In fact, I thought it so cute, I was sure a billion girls would have posted pictures of their planner online. But I scoured the internet looking for real actual photos of the product or details on […]


Excuse me for one moment as I descend from the frills and frivolities of beauty and cosmetics and fashion to the dull practicalities of life. But I wouldn’t descend were I not to tell you of a new find that has lightened a household chore for me. Since we are mostly women reading this, I […]


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