My timing was so “good” that when I got back last week, it was quite late at night and I fell headlong into work the next day and was pretty busy the whole week. So, unpacking has been slow and you know how that’s like right? Slack off for a bit to unpack and suddenly […]


You know the Chinese New Year is near when I start panicking and doing mega spring cleaning of my house at every opportunity. I feel like the White Rabbit sometimes – no time! no time! Because we have but a couple of weeks more to go before we welcome in the Lunar New Year and […]


We have some traditions here at MWS that have become so over the past couple of years, especially around this time of year, when we take time off to reflect on the year that has gone by. Incidentally, Isn’t it great that the world did not end on 21 December 2012 as people have been […]


I have a soft spot for home or room scented candles. Good scented candles can truly create a relaxing environment and makes a home feel warm and homely. Well, warm isn’t quite what I’m looking for here in the tropics, but I’m sure you know that warm cosy feel you get when you step into […]


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