Hello friends! I was going to blog about a product I love today, only to find out that it’s likely discontinued. So, really, that was a waste of time wasn’t it? So, after humming and hawing, and taking a suggestion from my friend Tine, I decided to share a quick, short video. Basically, I’ve made […]


I spent the better part of last week and the weekend lying prone on the couch. While I’m generally to be found in a horizontal position on most weekends, this was a bit of an exception. I’m still trying to recover from a severe bout of food poisoning that had me staring into the depths […]


Every year at about this time, we are blanketed by a haze that not only irritates our breathing passages, it plays merry hell with our skin. So, it is at this time of year that you will see a lot of articles and advice for you to drink more water because staying hydrated helps keep […]


Not long ago, I was asked where I’d just graduated from and if I’d started working. Considering I have not seen the inside of a University for erm… umpteen years, I was terribly amused. I mean, I felt it was a bit of an exaggeration, but when I told them my actual age (40) they […]


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