The pursuit of beauty seems to have taken a decidedly medical slant if the sharp increase locally in aesthetic clinics that offer beauty medical procedures are any indication. It’s no secret that I have been approached by many skin/aesthetic treatment clinics to try their procedures in exchange for a review, an offer I decline almost […]


When I was a kid, I remember being force-fed a foul smelling white emulsion that I came to fear and run away from the minute I see the bottle appear. Hands up if you too were averse to Scott’s Cod Liver Oil Emulsion The minute I could assert my rights, I refused to take any […]


Ok not everyone will appreciate the water woes I’m currently experiencing, but after I put you on the spot early this week and asked if you’d collect enough water for a shower or to wash your face if you could only choose one, the dreaded event happened – I came home after a long day […]


I remember a little while ago, in the comment box some readers shared their thoughts on using mouthwashes, or rather, not using mouthwash. I came across a very interesting article in the Bangkok Post last week, that reminded me of this fleeting discussion so I thought I’d like to open this up for further discussion. […]


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