Ok not everyone will appreciate the water woes I’m currently experiencing, but after I put you on the spot early this week and asked if you’d collect enough water for a shower or to wash your face if you could only choose one, the dreaded event happened – I came home after a long day […]


I remember a little while ago, in the comment box some readers shared their thoughts on using mouthwashes, or rather, not using mouthwash. I came across a very interesting article in the Bangkok Post last week, that reminded me of this fleeting discussion so I thought I’d like to open this up for further discussion. […]


We’ve all heard this before haven’t we? Drink more water to stay hydrated. Drink more water for better skin. Drink more water. Period. Yet lets face it – are you drinking ENOUGH water? If you only drink water when you’re feeling thirsty its technically too late. Your body is already dehydrated. The common thing we […]


I stumbled on a statement quite recently where the maker said, in a nutshell, that wearing makeup gives you bad skin and will clog your pores. Therefore, you should not wear makeup regularly or at all. If you want to wear makeup, only wear it rarely. I must say its a very bold and not […]


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