Do note that I’m not a perfume afficionado and as such I will feature perfumes and fragrances but I will not review them, in the traditional sense. This is because I am not good at describing scent, and because I strongly believe that fragrance is much too personal to review and to attach pros and cons to. We all have our favourite scents so I will tell you about the ones I like (and dislike) but you will have to ultimately smell it for yourself.

Have you ever experienced a fragrance you’ve had to actually warm up to? One that you wrinkle up your nose at the first time you take a sniff but give it a few minutes and you feel like its the best thing you’ve worn all week? I was like that with Volutes. Volutes was a […]


Have you ever wondered “I like this scent but I wish it could be a bit more floral” and thought about layering one scent over another? For many standalone perfumes, this doesn’t work very well (I’ve tried with varying degrees of disaster) but I learnt (by accident) about a brand that does encourage this fragrance […]


Ah roses, the flower of love. I’m supposed to be on a break but just couldn’t stay away LOL! 😀 Amidst the feasting and festivity, there are times when one needs to hide away and steal some time for oneself. And just in time for Valentine’s Day too! Haha… But if overpriced wilting blooms aren’t […]


Here’s a bit of trivia I picked up somewhere: Mother Nature never made anything black. So that black cat or dog of yours isn’t black, its a very deep shade of blue or purple. Its also why we rarely see black flowers. Well unless its dead 😛 So when you are faced with a fragrance […]


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