Do note that I’m not a perfume afficionado and as such I will feature perfumes and fragrances but I will not review them, in the traditional sense. This is because I am not good at describing scent, and because I strongly believe that fragrance is much too personal to review and to attach pros and cons to. We all have our favourite scents so I will tell you about the ones I like (and dislike) but you will have to ultimately smell it for yourself.

When I find myself reaching day after day for a sample vial of perfume, revelling in its scent yet almost afraid that I will one day spritz the sample vial and find it empty; when I feel uplifted with just a sniff of the fragrance that stays on me almost all day, changing its scent […]


I’m not your most fashion-savvy person out there so although I will recognise certain names, I can never tell you what sort of clothes they make. So for example, when I saw the beautifully beaded eagle in flight suspended at the base of a plunging back of what is otherwise a very simple, even plain […]


Have you ever experienced a fragrance you’ve had to actually warm up to? One that you wrinkle up your nose at the first time you take a sniff but give it a few minutes and you feel like its the best thing you’ve worn all week? I was like that with Volutes. Volutes was a […]


Have you ever wondered “I like this scent but I wish it could be a bit more floral” and thought about layering one scent over another? For many standalone perfumes, this doesn’t work very well (I’ve tried with varying degrees of disaster) but I learnt (by accident) about a brand that does encourage this fragrance […]


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