Do note that I’m not a perfume afficionado and as such I will feature perfumes and fragrances but I will not review them, in the traditional sense. This is because I am not good at describing scent, and because I strongly believe that fragrance is much too personal to review and to attach pros and cons to. We all have our favourite scents so I will tell you about the ones I like (and dislike) but you will have to ultimately smell it for yourself.

I’ve had this bottle of scent for months. It could even be for about half a year while I try to get my head around it. You see, online reviews are almost overwhelmingly in love with See by Chloé EdP, which was launched some time last year (2012) and which was made available here in […]


Growing up, I naively had the impression that “cologne” was just another word for “perfume”. In a way, I was right. It is a perfume scent, just in lower concentrations. With these lower concentrations of perfume comes a lighter scent that is more suited for use in the day or when it is warm. When […]


I’d been having  lots of fun playing with my Jo Malone sampler set when I learned not too long ago that in September, there will be a new fragrance launched – Peony & Blush Suede. Fascinating. Does suede have a smell other than it just being leather? I was quite intrigued by it and took a […]


I don’t have a lot of experiences with Dior fragrances but from the ones I am familiar with, they have a very floral touch to the scent. My favourites Miss Dior Cherie and J’Adore EDT are clearly floral scents. So when I first heard that the new Dior Addict Eau Delice had a berry slant, […]


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