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I enjoy my food and travel. I will sometimes share some of this love for food, travel, photography or anything unrelated to beauty products on my blog. I’d like to think that “My Women Stuff” is more than just about makeup for a pretty face or good skin. It is about living life and enjoying it any way we know how. Read more travel adventures here.

Hello friends! I was going to blog about a product I love today, only to find out that it’s likely discontinued. So, really, that was a waste of time wasn’t it? So, after humming and hawing, and taking a suggestion from my friend Tine, I decided to share a quick, short video. Basically, I’ve made […]

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I spent the better part of last week and the weekend lying prone on the couch. While I’m generally to be found in a horizontal position on most weekends, this was a bit of an exception. I’m still trying to recover from a severe bout of food poisoning that had me staring into the depths […]


Every year at about this time, we are blanketed by a haze that not only irritates our breathing passages, it plays merry hell with our skin. So, it is at this time of year that you will see a lot of articles and advice for you to drink more water because staying hydrated helps keep […]


Not long ago, I was asked where I’d just graduated from and if I’d started working. Considering I have not seen the inside of a University for erm… umpteen years, I was terribly amused. I mean, I felt it was a bit of an exaggeration, but when I told them my actual age (40) they […]


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