Hot off the presses is this bit of news of a new bag design coming out from Coach, scheduled to be released in Fall. What this means for us here in this season-less country, is that we should expect to see this one pop up in stores from Oct/Nov 2013. It is a new design […]


Previously, we discussed what to wear on our feet when it’s winter or when you travel to somewhere cold. It was really insightful even for me! I’m now itching to get a pair of Timberland boots because they keep out the wet better. But then, Irene asked again, what I’d wear clothes-wise when I travel somewhere cold […]


I got a very interesting question from reader Irene in her comment on one of my posts about what footwear I’d wear when I travel during colder or winter months, and I need to walk a lot. It was so interesting, I thought it merited a post all of its very own! (See why you should […]


I was wondering about this in the past few days, as I pattered about in my flats. I have a newfound love for a good pair of flats by the way. Finding a good one that I love has been pretty much trial and error but knowing that I have them is a great feeling […]


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