In the lead up to the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, its not uncommon to see Chinoiserie popping up everywhere. I contemplated pouring myself into a cheong sam this year, but decided not to because I knew it’d only ever see the light of day once – on the 1st day of the […]


I’ve always liked the look of large hoop earrings, but I used to think they accentuated the roundness of my face. Well, they do, but I’ve reached the stage where I’m past caring 😀 So I now wear large hoop earrings and I like how classic they look. A gold pair of hoop earrings never […]


I met chat buddy LeGeeque when she was in town last month – finally! After chatting online and offline for … I don’t know… years? We finally met in person and it was fun! She also passed me some stuff I’d asked her to get from Australia, and amongst the items in the bag was […]


I received some handmade gifts a while ago, one of which was a gorgeous pearl accessory set consisting of a choker and a pair of earrings. They were gorgeous and so well turned out – and it was  the first time I’d known of Sweet Contemplation Accessories. Sweet Contemplation Accessories is a new handmade jewelry […]


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