Someone talked to me about fashion recently and I realised that I’m not a very fashionable sort of person. I have quite a safe and conventional dress sense, preferring to stick to tried and true classics. But I also have a quirky bone and sometimes I think it comes through in my dressing. Like polka […]


I spotted a gorgeous ring last week while at the jewellers. I don’t make it a habit to walk into jewellery shops because lets face it, jewellery is an expensive hobby to get into! 😛 But while browsing, my eyes fell on a ring that I found myself really liking. It was a diamond ring […]


If I mention Shinju Pearls, some of you might remember the inexpensive strand of pearls I picked up a couple of years ago, or you might also remember that bit of chinoiserie I picked up just before the Chinese New Year. Well I picked up something from them again recently. An enamel rose held in […]


Ladies, let me introduce you to Summer Breeze – the necklace that gets me appreciative looks and compliments everywhere I go. Its not just me. My sister and I have the same necklace and we live in different countries and we BOTH get compliments on it, every time! (In fact, sis bought hers first and […]


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