I don’t usually follow celebrity news and Awards season is usually a bit of a snorefest for me. Never used to be that way. I used to be a huge fan of the Oscars when I actually used to watch movies back in the day. Now that I don’t (and I didn’t watch a single […]


I accompanied a friend to a watch sale during the week, where I saw a very paltry selection for women’s watches. Rather, smaller watches for the admittedly smaller wrists of women. There were lots of women happily snapping up (and depriving, hah!) the men of the watches on display though, and the lady manning the […]


I think there’s something in the psyche of girls or people in general, to want to belong. And when you hang out with people of similar tastes and dressing, some of it is bound to rub off. Not always a bad thing, I can assure you But I wonder how you feel about friends buying […]


Last week, I introduced you to Agnes B. the newest fashion/accessories brand to open up shop in town. I focused mostly on the bags because that’s their main stay. But I also wanted to show you something that caught my eye more than the bags did <- I know, horrors! 😛 Agnes b. Bijoux Key […]


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