Firstly, thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement with regards my first “What I Wore” post I’m still not a snappy dresser (and I still suck at having photos taken) so weekly posts, as suggested by some of you will not be imminent. But I had loads of fun the first time around, […]


I saw a report about the Facekini on TV last week and I just had to talk about it even if its probably yesterday’s news, because its funny! 😀 The Facekini is, apparently, China’s answer to retaining fair skin even while you head for your beach holiday. Height of fashion in the seaside town of […]


Last week, quite a few of you asked in comments and off blog where I got the evening dress that I wore to my brother’s wedding dinner. Thanks so much for the affirmation that I got it right! LOL! To answer the question, no it was not custom made but bought off the rack – […]


I don’t know about you ladies out there, but if there is one household chore I hate… and I mean HATE! … its ironing. I’d sooner mop the house and wash bathrooms than iron my clothes. I’d sooner dress in knits than cotton shirts and dresses.   I’d sooner hire someone just to iron my […]


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