Previously, I wrote about Adorkable Crochet, an etsy store that I discovered one day. The owner, Rebecca crochets all the shawls and ponchos in her store by hand and there was something about her designs that grabbed my attention. It doesn’t help that she and her sister model the shawls so prettily. I ended up […]


About 2 weekends ago, I jetted off to Bangkok for 36 hours. It was impetous and it was a “pilgrimage” thing so it was something that needed to be done. Once the pilgrimage was out of the way, what else is there to do in Bangkok but eat and shop myself silly?! It did not […]


I’m not thin but neither am I large. In the local Asian brand market, I usually take an M (Medium) size for clothes without being over ambitious. Yet going into to Western (American, British or European) clothes stores, I find I’m fitting into sizes like XS, S (MNG, Zara, Banana Republic) 0, 2 (Banana Republic, […]


There is only so much makeup shopping a girl can do before the wardrobe needs updating too! I’m quite lucky to work in an environment where I can omit power suits and blazers in our hot Malaysian weather. Instead, I can stroll into my office looking as pulled together or as casual as I like […]


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