Fashionista I’m not!

But I enjoy some aspects of fashion, notably bags (I love bags! 😀 ) and I’m developing an interest in shoes and some jewellery. This is not a fashion blog and will never be so, but I will feature some fashion items that catch my eye, whether they be affordable or otherwise. Most of it is pretty much what I’m fashion-lusting over at the moment!

Do you realise how HARD it is to get a pair of good-looking ballet flats that feel comfortable, allow you to walk for hours without pinching and above all, look cute? Well, yeah. Tell me about it! I’d been on the search for what seems like FOREVER! But my search has ended! I’ve gotten a […]


When I had my eyes zapped with a laser (read my experience here) it was partly because of convenience, but a part had to do with vanity. I wanted to wear pretty sunglasses dammit! 😛 Anyone who’s had to fork out lots of money for prescription sunglasses can tell you how that feels (and back […]


Last year, Coach introduced a new bag – the Borough Bag – as part of their line up and that was quite a success, it seems. The sleek clean lines of the bag was reflective of Coach’s heritage and it was well received. This year, Coach welcomes a new designer, Stuart Vevers, who has taken […]


Oh hello everyone! I’ve been quite tardy on the blog as the regulars amongst you would have noticed, but I’ve been much more active on Instagram in this period. I guess, it’s mostly because it’s far easier to just snap a picture and caption it, than it is to write a blog post, which is […]


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