Fashionista I’m not!

But I enjoy some aspects of fashion, notably bags (I love bags! :D ) and I’m developing an interest in shoes and some jewellery. This is not a fashion blog and will never be so, but I will feature some fashion items that catch my eye, whether they be affordable or otherwise. Most of it is pretty much what I’m fashion-lusting over at the moment!

I’d never heard of a “wardrobe malfunction” until a few years ago. Does anyone else remember that epic half time performance at the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? Anyone? It was during the performance that Janet Jackson’s right boob was inexplicably (or as they said accidentally) exposed, something which was later attributed […]


Being a voyeur, I love seeing what people fit into their handbags. This is especially true of smaller bags. Not being one for a small bag myself, I am always curious to know how people manage to carry their daily essentials in a tiny little bag. Me? I used to lug around gigantic sacks, filled […]


Goodness me! Beauty and fashionistas in Malaysia have been so spoilt recently with the introduction of so many new and popular beauty and fashion brands, I’m so afraid to wake up and find out it’s a dream LOL Pinch me! On second thoughts, don’t pinch me. I bruise easily. The newest brand I’m aware of […]


Alright, I declare myself beaten. I’ve tried up and down through the years to organize the cavernous space that is my daily handbag and have failed repeatedly. The thing is, if you were to read tips online, everyone will point you to the bag organizer or purse organizer. I’ve tried a few in my time […]


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