A couple of years back, I picked up rumblings of a CC Cream. This was way before the Chanel and Clinique CC Creams came into existence. I remember laughing about it. CC Creams! Haah! Well, CC Creams are now the new normal. But the pioneer in the CC Cream department is the Rachel K CC […]


Do you find putting on your makeup a daily chore? Or are you happy to treat it as a ritual, as you would putting on your skincare, for example? I pondered on this question during a short workshop with Ms. Yumi Takada, the Senior Makeup Artist and Trend Analyst from Japanese brand, Lunasol, who was […]


Clinique had a pore minimizing range before – I distinctly remember it because many years ago, I once used a Clinique pore minimizing serum. Clinique has now upgraded their range to Pore Refining Solutions. Pores you see, can’t really be minimized, but they can be made to appear refined There are 3 products in the […]


I used to be very active on a makeup forum back before I started blogging, and at the time the “star foundation” everyone was raving over worldwide, was the RMK cream foundation. Any request for a foundation rec would inevitably throw up RMK. Yet I was also warned repeatedly that the cream foundation might be […]


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