Loose Powder

I don’t always ‘set’ my makeup or foundations in a true sense on a daily basis. On most days, I finish off with the Guerlain Meteorites illuminating powders that for me act somewhat as a ‘setting powder’ but on days when I really want my makeup to last for as long as it possibly can, […]


You know, beauty trends have a cyclical nature that you never really notice till you’re “in the scene” as it were. When I started blogging back in 2007 the IT product was mineral makeup. Then over the years, interest waned but it seems like it’s never really gone away. Now, Antipodes hopes to bring it […]


New brands in the cosmetics market always pique the interest, especially if they come in with a wallet-friendly pricetag. Ditto a brand that is homegrown. My only concern with homegrown brands is their longevity. Its hard to compete with the big players out there! Not too long ago, I was introduced to local brand Covo […]


The whitening skincare phenomenon is so huge these days that brands now have a whole collection just specially for them. They don’t stop at just skincare though. Oh no, makeup too gets a look in and often, they are sold only in Asia where we likely will see this trend continue to grow in popularity. […]


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