Goodness, I haven’t done a blog tag in such a long time that it is almost refreshing to be remembered and tagged by a fellow blogger! Haha! Back in the days when I first started blogging, we’d be forever tagging each other to do these things, but I haven’t done one of these for a […]


Sometimes, when a product comes highly raved, there are 2 things that can happen – I can hate it or I can fall head over heels in love with it and declare us soulmates, BFFs, till death do us part. Ok, death is a bit extreme, but you get my meaning. Some products, you just […]


There aren’t many organic makeup brands around are there? Maybe there are, but I’m just not aware mainly because I’m not that specialized in the natural, organic field. But recently, I was introduced to a foundation by Nvey Eco and I also bought a highly raved concealer from RMS Beauty to see what the hype […]


When I shared my tip for using a concealer brush when applying concealer, some of you asked what concealer it was that I featured, all used and opened in the photo It turns out that this has become one of my favourite concealers for the undereye area and I’d been meaning to tell you about […]


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