BB Cream

I’m not much of a fan of BB Creams that tout to be creams for everything – moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. I treat them as I would tinted moisturiser or as a sheer foundation and apply it as a foundation i.e. after my sunscreen before the rest of my makeup. I have tried some recently that I’ve liked but they are quite few and far between as I’ve found BB Creams of various brands to be generally oily and without a good colour match for all. Still, I can always be surprised and I have been :)

Hot on the heels of the CC Creams come a new wave of BB Creams. We’re going to be seeing more of these pop up under the many different brands in the market, so let’s just say that BB Creams are here to stay. I can’t escape them either so I will be telling you […]


The whitening skincare phenomenon is so huge these days that brands now have a whole collection just specially for them. They don’t stop at just skincare though. Oh no, makeup too gets a look in and often, they are sold only in Asia where we likely will see this trend continue to grow in popularity. […]


Over the years, I’ve heard so much about the Clarins White Plus line and their use of the sea lily to help with skin whitening/brightening. It seemed to have been the core of everything White Plus. Then, this year, I learnt the sea lily is so 2012. No more sea lilies in the Clarins White […]


A little while ago, when I told you about the new Estee Lauder Cyberwhite HD range, I mentioned briefly the BB Balm. Now, we’ve been inundated in recent years by the whole BB craze with every brand and their aunty coming out with one form of BB Cream or another. Some work well, some don’t. […]


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