BB Cream

I’m not much of a fan of BB Creams that tout to be creams for everything – moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation. I treat them as I would tinted moisturiser or as a sheer foundation and apply it as a foundation i.e. after my sunscreen before the rest of my makeup. I have tried some recently that I’ve liked but they are quite few and far between as I’ve found BB Creams of various brands to be generally oily and without a good colour match for all. Still, I can always be surprised and I have been :)

Goodness, I haven’t done a blog tag in such a long time that it is almost refreshing to be remembered and tagged by a fellow blogger! Haha! Back in the days when I first started blogging, we’d be forever tagging each other to do these things, but I haven’t done one of these for a […]


As much as I love my high end BB Creams (Guerlain and Diorsnow if you’re wondering. No deathly zombie-grey oil slick Korean brands for me!) I realise not everyone is as crazy as I am to splurge on them, and we really should be looking to tighten our belts. So I’m happy to report that […]


After railing away at BB Creams recently, my next encounter with a BB Cream was to buy one LOL! To be fair it was not called a BB Cream as such, and I was very intrigued. You see, my favourite BB Cream to date is the Diorsnow BB Creme. As a light foundation, it does […]


I realise I’m going to be quite unpopular with the BB Cream-wearing crowd after this, but I can’t just sit by and nod and smile and pretend that I’m willing to be privy to the whole madness that is BB Cream, or CC Cream, or any other alphabet cream they choose to come up with. […]


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