It’s funny how ever since I told you that By Terry is back here in Malaysia, I hadn’t really gone and had a good old play with their products. I have a bunch of them that I look at now and again without feeling too much of a flutter in my breast. But you know, […]


I noticed recently that I’ve accumulated an insane number of makeup brushes. I know, I just have one face, but I am always curious about what’s out there and how I could find an even better product. Hence my insane brush accumulation. So, I decided to try to blog about 1 brush in a week, […]


I don’t always ‘set’ my makeup or foundations in a true sense on a daily basis. On most days, I finish off with the Guerlain Meteorites illuminating powders that for me act somewhat as a ‘setting powder’ but on days when I really want my makeup to last for as long as it possibly can, […]


Goodness! I haven’t used a powder foundation in goodness knows how long! So when RMK introduced their UV Powder Foundation with SPF30 and asked me to take it for a whirl, I thought “Oh, ok. It’s been quite a while since I did powder foundation from any brand anyway!” Like many if not all Japanese […]


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