A while ago, I shared a little discussive piece where I said that the idea that wearing makeup is bad for your skin is a fallacy. It is! It’s nothing to do with the makeup (unless of course, you use a product that is inherently bad or poisonous), but all to do with how you care […]


I love messing around with foundation. A good base is truly one of my weaknesses, and it’s rather ironic, considering I had already found that elusive Holy Grail foundation. Yes, I have. Did it surprise you? When you find yourself going back again and again to one particular product, especially for days when you know […]


You know what really sucks? When you own something that you really like and finally get around to taking pictures so you can blog and tell the world just how much you absolutely freaking love this thing…. only to find out it has been discontinued. What. The. Flying…. Fish! But you know what? I’d already […]


Earlier this year, we were treated to a slew of new foundations from different brands, and noticeable among the new offerings were these “serum foundations” – liquid foundation infused with skincare benefits like that of a serum, so your makeup doesn’t compromise your skin. I tried the one from Bobbi Brown a while ago, and […]


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