Aha! Its finally here – my Lavshuca Summer Gradually Compact in 01 – Shiny Sand Beach. Flourescent light washes everything out so I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. Essentially, its a 6 colour eyeshadow palette in gold and sand tones. The palettes on top are to be placed into the case below. […]


Asian girls are notorious for wanting to change their looks to look like others. Whiter or fairer skin, double eyelids, bigger eyes … what this means is that the cosmetics industry is booming in Asia with many “Asia Exclusive” products. One of these is the “big eye” phenomenon that I’ve noticed in the past couple […]


Shiseido has a few different lines under its belt but the one that is sold internationally is The Makeup. This line comes in a brownish purple packaging and is found all over the world. My review is on the Shiseido The Makeup silky eyeshadow quad in Flora and Fauna. I love the colours in this […]


Previously, I reviewed Lavshuca by Kanebo eyeshadow singles and decided I did not quite like them. Since then, and because Lavshuca isn’t readily available to me here in Malaysia, I stopped buying anything else from the brand. Now, I’m rethinking this after seeing pictures of Lavhuca’s Summer 2008 eyeshadow palettes:- Lavshuca Blue / Cool palette […]


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