I like my Japanese makeup, but there is one brand that never captures my imagination – Kose. Somehow, nothing in the line ever interests me. Their colors look bland and boring. We have 4 makeup lines under Kose at our local beauty counters – Beaute de Kose, Luminous, Cosme Decorte (different counter) and Visee . […]


I was introduced to pigments and loose eyeshadows about 2 years ago and in the process I built up quite a collection of them. I then got to wondering what the difference was between pigments and loose powder eyeshadows and why some companies called them such. From left: Make Up For Ever Star Powder #90920, […]


This is Part 2 of the Cheap and Good? eyeshadow series. If you missed my explanation of what this series is about, do read Part 1 on my review of Elianto Shimmer eyeshadow. For my second experiment, I popped over to Skin Food to check out their stuff. Skin Food is a Korean cosmetics company […]


I’d been lining my eyes with my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner for a while and then I was introduced to the concept of tightlining for which the gel liner was not really suitable for in my view. So, I was using the Make Up For Ever Eye Seal with a black shadow for a spell, […]


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