I got a pleasant surprise one day last week when I was contacted by Guerlain to review their newest mascara – Le 2 de Guerlain mascara. Other than my favourite Anna Sui Full DX mascara, and Lancome Flextencils (discontinued) I’d never tried other high end (read: Expensive) mascaras. Guerlain’s new Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara […]


I realise I might have been writing quite a lot about higher end brands lately. Whilst I don’t consider myself a beauty snob, the higher end products are in many ways prettier and more attractive – so are their prices. At the same time, I have wondered how do the lower end products fare? I […]


I’d been playing around with all sorts of eyeliner and eye lining lately. I previously offered some tips on how to apply gel eyeliner. However, lately, I’ve been toying with tightlining, or lining under the lashes instead of over. I’ll write more about this technique later. I came across the Guerlain loose kohl and I […]


I used to walk past the Anna Sui makeup counter without stopping to check their products out. I’m not saying that its badly laid out, in fact, Anna Sui counters have to be one of the prettiest counters around with the signature Anna Sui delicate vanity table look to them in signature Anna Sui black […]


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