… and I’m not impressed. This was the Bobbi Brown Pink Satin collection that caught my attention. The eyeshadows looked promising and even the lip palette looked useful although I don’t usually go for lip products in a palette. I tested the eyeshadow palette at the Bobbi Brown counter and immediately knew I wouldn’t like […]


Benefit Cosmetics is doing a most unconventional spin on the wedding season and bridal makeup. Instead of telling you just how pretty a bride can look on her wedding day, Benefit is taking to telling the guests just how much they can outshine the bride! I love the irony. You know why? That’s because Benefit […]


I just got wind of the new Limited Edition Bobbi Brown Pink Satin collection. This is coming hot on the heels of the Nude eye and lip palette and is, in my view, a lot more interesting! The Pink Satin collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, lipgloss palette and a mini brush set. I haven’t […]


After a long wait since November 2007, I got news that Kanebo’s new makeup line Coffret D’or has finally reached Malaysia! I finally had the time to check it out and overall, I’d say its all pretty good! I sneaked a picture of the Coffret D’or product testers at the counter when the sales assistants […]


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