I spotted this new Maybelline display stand some time last week. I have a confession. The only time I read women’s magazines is when I’m at my hairdresser so that means I’m usually a month late with any updates! That said, this new Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadow palette might already be in the mags, so […]


I haven’t written much about Stila cosmetics here, but I’m actually a fan of Stila eyeshadows. I don’t have all that many, but I love what I have and some day I’ll get around to reviewing them! I used to like Stila eyeshadow palettes that came in a long slim case with 6 colours, rather […]


I’m sure many would have seen or read about or heard about the Imju Dejavu Fiberwig mascara. It is touted as Japan’s best selling mascara and I first saw it in Malaysia in the last year or two. It was about that time that I was learning to use mascara and was looking for a […]


I received an Isetan mailer recently which had pictures of the new Bobbi Brown Nude eye and lip palette (RM210). I also saw the palette in person last week and the shadows were 4 similar colored nude or neutral eyeshadows. It reminded me of a question I used to ask before – Why would anyone […]


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