I was looking around online when I stumbled upon Revlon’s site. Now, Revlon is to me, one of the most unexciting brands around. Yes, I love their lip colours and I’m told that their loose powder and foundations are good, but you have to admit that as a brand, its quite unexciting. Until now, that […]


I had Shirley ask me in a comment below how Coffret D’or compared to Lunasol and what were the differences between the two. My simple answer at the time was that they were 2 totally different brands and therefore 2 very different products. I only have the eyeshadow palettes to compare so I will compare […]


… and I’m not impressed. This was the Bobbi Brown Pink Satin collection that caught my attention. The eyeshadows looked promising and even the lip palette looked useful although I don’t usually go for lip products in a palette. I tested the eyeshadow palette at the Bobbi Brown counter and immediately knew I wouldn’t like […]


Benefit Cosmetics is doing a most unconventional spin on the wedding season and bridal makeup. Instead of telling you just how pretty a bride can look on her wedding day, Benefit is taking to telling the guests just how much they can outshine the bride! I love the irony. You know why? That’s because Benefit […]


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