After a long wait since November 2007, I got news that Kanebo’s new makeup line Coffret D’or has finally reached Malaysia! I finally had the time to check it out and overall, I’d say its all pretty good! I sneaked a picture of the Coffret D’or product testers at the counter when the sales assistants […]


My favorite eyeliner is the Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner. It is the best I’ve ever used and it lasts all day. I mentioned previously that I use a short angled brush as an eyeliner brush. This is a picture of the said brush. I like using this brush because it has short but firm bristles […]


I have been using my Shu Uemura brow pencil for a while now. However, it needs sharpening and I’m too busy to go down to the local Shu Uemura counter to get it sharpened properly. So, I decided to fall back on an old method of drawing in my brows – using an eyebrow brush. […]


Bobbi Brown launched a Pink Raspberry look for Spring 2008 and I found it underwhelming. However, Bobbi Brown has also launched a Nude Collection set for release in March 2008 in the USA. I don’t know what it is about cosmetic companies and nude collections. MAC Cosmetics have also launched their N Collection which is […]


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