I popped by Dior the same time that I saw the Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence collection. This time, I was able to swipe swatches of the Fall 2008 collection and get away with it. Make me sound like a nefarious robber eh? Anyway, I’d read quite a lot of hype on the online community about […]


I happened to pass by an Estee Lauder and Lancome counter yesterday so I decided to stop and ask about the new vibrating mascara available in both brands. Needless to say, I got blank stares and was promoted some new non-vibrating mascaras. Sigh… But all was not lost because it was the launch of the […]


A while ago, I mentioned that Stila had a new eyeshadow palette for summer – the Kitten Palette. Well, last weekend I finally remembered it and got a chance to check it out! The first thing I noticed is that the Stila palettes have gone up in price. They are now retailing for RM190 each […]


I had a blind date sprung on me recently and I found myself in an unenviable position of going “Uh oh… what do I wear? How do I look?” Since it was dinner on a weekend, I found myself with time to work out my look and I thought I’d share my thoughts based on […]


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