When I encountered the Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence collection for Fall 2008, I was stunned at the uncanny resemblence to Guerlain Ombre Eclat eyeshadow quads. So, I went home and rooted around my collection and realised that I hadn’t reviewed them, so here it is. If you have seen the new Estee Lauder eyeshadow quads, […]


I was rooting around my eyeshadows one day when I came across one I’d forgotten about – Bloop de Paris powder eyeshadow. It was supposed to be part of my Cheap and Good? series but somehow, this one slipped under the radar. But better late than never, so here we are – is the Bloop […]


I finally saw the new Kanebo Coffret D’or collection. Having seen pictures and read the review by PJ of A Touch of Blusher on the Trance Deep Eye palettes, I was intrigued. I finally hauled myself down to take a look at the new stuff yesterday which includes the Trance Deep Eyes Palette.


Lancome has for me, always been a boring brand when it comes to makeup. The only thing I used to like from them was their Flextencils mascara which I loved and which is unfortunately discontinued. I never really looked at anything else from this brand. Until recently that is, when I received a gift of […]


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