I’ve been trying to find a worthy replacement for my Guerlain Kohl eyeliner pencil that’s getting really short by now, but its not been easy. I’m really picky about eyeliner pencils. They have to apply easily, I have to be able to use them to tightline and they must not smudge all over the minute […]


Gel eyeliners. Its been a while. In fact, its been so long that I’ve tossed out most of the ones I owned before (mostly from Bobbi Brown) because they had all dried up. That’s how long its been since I’ve used a gel eyeliner. I’ve been using pencil and liquid liners most recently because they […]


Any working girl would be able to identify with this one Waking up early in the morning, putting on your concealer to hide your dark circles from a late night before, or perhaps just a bad night, and putting on your eyeshadow and then wondering why you still look tired, because your eyes look red-rimmed. […]


Saturday again Ladies! Here are a couple of some new beauty bits spotted out and about, with some quick thoughts on those I have tried (or even those I haven’t because… why! I’m versatile that way! ) If you have tried any one of the products listed and want to contribute your 2 cents, please […]


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