I’m picky about liquid eyeliner. For me, its one of the hardest things to get right. Some brands try to get all rocket science on us and put their liquid liner in clicky pens. Perfect – it won’t dry out so quickly. But it falls out in gobs as you click it out. Bad idea. […]


I’ve been trying to find a worthy replacement for my Guerlain Kohl eyeliner pencil that’s getting really short by now, but its not been easy. I’m really picky about eyeliner pencils. They have to apply easily, I have to be able to use them to tightline and they must not smudge all over the minute […]


Gel eyeliners. Its been a while. In fact, its been so long that I’ve tossed out most of the ones I owned before (mostly from Bobbi Brown) because they had all dried up. That’s how long its been since I’ve used a gel eyeliner. I’ve been using pencil and liquid liners most recently because they […]


Any working girl would be able to identify with this one Waking up early in the morning, putting on your concealer to hide your dark circles from a late night before, or perhaps just a bad night, and putting on your eyeshadow and then wondering why you still look tired, because your eyes look red-rimmed. […]


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