Last weekend, I went for a makeover/makeup coaching session with Dior makeup artists. If you remember, I told you about it here and I also found out that those who did use the password got a really good gift set! I’ll be reviewing the Capture Totale One Essential mask this week, for those who had […]


This morning before I flew out the door, I rooted about in my bag to see what was adding to all that bulk and weight. And all these spilled out. Oops! Hmm… its no wonder my bag was getting weighed down! In there were some random purchases I made over the past couple of weeks […]


RM50, depending on how you look a it, can take you far (I could eat for a week on RM50!) or it isn’t very much. RM50 at today’s exchange rate is roughly S$20, £10,  US$16 or €13. Yeah, once we do the math, it looks pretty pathetic LOL! Yet, RM50 can buy me some of my favourite […]


A while ago, I showed you a birds eye view of the epically large cosmetics kit that I packed ostensibly for travel. Firstly, I’d just like to say that if I were truly travelling for work or even for a holiday, I never pack a kit this massive. My travel cosmetics kits fit in 1 […]


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