Dior’s Summer 2013 Bird of Paradise offering was so big, I couldn’t do an overview as I did for their previous Spring and Diorsnow collection so you might notice that I’ve been breaking it up a little. I did the Jelly Lip Pens and the Paradise  Duo in Pink Glow together with the Summer Blush […]


Bright blue liner! If you didn’t already realize it, blue (and in particular bright blue) eyeliner is all the rage at the moment. Its a fun twist on the traditional black and brown eyeliners and if you are feeling a bit lazy and don’t want to put on too much makeup, slick on a bright […]


Colour! How brave are you wearing bright colours for makeup? Just look at that lipstick eh? Kinda scary I’d admit even to myself. It looks neon LOL! If you haven’t noticed, navy blue or blue eyeliner has been touted as a must have for the Spring/Summer 2013 makeup trends. I’m not one to actually pay […]


I’m going to say up front here, that Spring collections aren’t my strong suit. My personal preference leans to the Fall/Winter collections. For the most part, Spring tends to be light, sheer, pastel… and pink. I can handle light and sheer but pastel and pink aren’t attributes I particularly prefer for makeup. I think Dior […]


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