[note] Apologies to everyone who tried to comment on the Purse Pleasers post. I had a little glitch and comments were inadvertently closed. Its now open! [/note]  Going shopping with friends is always fun but we can get bad for each other e.g. Beetrice and myself. We were not planning to go shopping. We were […]


I have been a little too busy to trawl the pharmacies lately, so this might be stale news to many of you. But its new to me so do bear with me Silkygirl Blink Glitter Eyeliners First up are the Silkygirl Blink Glitter Eyeliners I spotted at Guardian at a promotional price of RM9.88 each. […]


When I received the new I Nuovi Metallogy Metallic Liquid Liner, I was quite hesitant to try it. I’ve NEVER had a good experience with liquid liner which explains why you never read about it here. I just have no idea how on earth to use it! Anyway, to challenge myself, I took it with […]


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players ~ Shakespeare, As You Like it You might have walked past a new makeup store in town that looks something like this:- … and you might have wondered “What is Stage?” Stage is a new local cosmetics brand that is presently available […]


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