Discussions about Beauty and This and That

These are discussions we have weekly on the blog which can be about beauty, answering a question, helping a reader, or even totally unrelated to beauty but related to life in general. I have found that these posts generate a lot of interest among readers and often lead to lively participation, views and discussion. Fun!

I had some people ask me about running blog giveaways and it was something I planned to talk about some day in my sporadic blogging tips category, but then I started wondering instead less about running giveaways than about going on the other side of the fence – entering giveaways. Many of us, bloggers and […]


Online shopping is now something most of us are accustomed to and I’m sure every single one of you reading this has, at one point or another, bought something online. But a relatively recent phenomenon I’ve noticed, is the selling of products via Facebook or increasingly, Instagram. I don’t know if it’s just a local […]


I’ve said often that nail polish isn’t a forte nor interest of mine. It seems somewhat sacrilegious to admit this especially when it seems like every one who owns a beauty blog or who are in the beauty industry sports perfectly polished and buffed tips in person and in photos, and I discreetly hide my […]


Last week, we were discussing whether we washed our faces after going for a facial and I was quite gratified that so many of us do the same thing i.e. wash our faces when we get home. Among the most interesting discussions however, I noticed how many of us take an evening shower, which necessitates […]


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