Discussions about Beauty and This and That

These are discussions we have weekly on the blog which can be about beauty, answering a question, helping a reader, or even totally unrelated to beauty but related to life in general. I have found that these posts generate a lot of interest among readers and often lead to lively participation, views and discussion. Fun!

I had a very interesting chat with a friend very recently about the lengths people go to, to save on product use when they’re using their skincare. This is especially so when using an expensive brand or product. If a cream costs you RM400 or a lotion costs you RM300 you want to make sure […]

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I’d never heard of a “wardrobe malfunction” until a few years ago. Does anyone else remember that epic half time performance at the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? Anyone? It was during the performance that Janet Jackson’s right boob was inexplicably (or as they said accidentally) exposed, something which was later attributed […]


Hola bloggers! I’ve gotten a few emails recently about setting up a beauty blog or how to start one (I’ve given you the headstart here if you missed it) but I’ve also gotten some queries about what one must do, or mustn’t do when it comes to blogging or blogging about beauty. Really, there are no […]


Being a voyeur, I love seeing what people fit into their handbags. This is especially true of smaller bags. Not being one for a small bag myself, I am always curious to know how people manage to carry their daily essentials in a tiny little bag. Me? I used to lug around gigantic sacks, filled […]


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