Discussions about Beauty and This and That

These are discussions we have weekly on the blog which can be about beauty, answering a question, helping a reader, or even totally unrelated to beauty but related to life in general. I have found that these posts generate a lot of interest among readers and often lead to lively participation, views and discussion. Fun!

Last week, something happened to a friend that had me thinking afresh about the crab bucket that most of us find ourselves in. What is a crab bucket you ask? Well, quite literally a bucket of live crabs. Over here, where eating fresh seafood is a way of life, I’d grown up going to a […]


Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed that there were rumblings of Christian Louboutin (yes, that famed red soled shoe brand) releasing a lipstick very soon. They had already ventured into beauty with their nail polishes, with packaging which could poke your eyes out. I believe this was last year. There, that’s that nail […]


Ok, hands up whoever has faced this problem of laziness before. Picture this. You come home late from either a long day at work, or a party, or a meeting, or you just feel lazy that evening as you stare at your skincare arsenal, thinking of the multiple steps you have ahead of you. All […]


Is this going to be yet another rant or post about losing my blogging mojo? Goodness knows, I go through these phases a lot. But no, to be honest it isn’t. What it is about really, is that feeling of ennui and disenchantment with blogging and what it’s brought about for many of us who […]


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