Discussions about Beauty and This and That

These are discussions we have weekly on the blog which can be about beauty, answering a question, helping a reader, or even totally unrelated to beauty but related to life in general. I have found that these posts generate a lot of interest among readers and often lead to lively participation, views and discussion. Fun!

I had a strange experience recently, where for some reason, every foundation I put on my skin looked off. It so happened that I was trying out a new foundation, and I was quite ready to pan it. My makeup looked splotchy and wore off quickly through the day and although I have normal-dry skin, […]

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I shared this picture on Instagram last week, where I proclaimed this to be among my least favourite liquid foundations. If I have a Top 8 liquid foundation list, this one falls in my Bottom 8 foundation list. Ok, I lie I don’t have a Bottom 8 (although if I think hard enough, I might […]


Some time a couple of weeks ago, I was looking up the price of Hydraluron serum and I noticed that it was now RM109 as opposed to RM80 back in December 2013 when I first used it. Now, I am quite aware that a price increase over time is inevitable, and in the big scheme of […]


This year, due to various circumstances, which includes the lack of good food near work, and the rising prices of food, especially at the hawkers, I decided to make it a point to bring my lunches to work. I used to a while ago, but as with a lot of things, it didn’t last as […]


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