Discussions about Beauty and This and That

These are discussions we have weekly on the blog which can be about beauty, answering a question, helping a reader, or even totally unrelated to beauty but related to life in general. I have found that these posts generate a lot of interest among readers and often lead to lively participation, views and discussion. Fun!

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that sometimes, we women are our own worst enemies. Those of us who take a little bit of trouble to dress up are given the once over with a questioning look of “Where does she think she’s going?” and those who take a little bit more interest in […]

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Do you have one? A bedtime routine, that is. I’m sure you do, one way or another It may be beauty related, or it may not. Maybe it involves you catching up on the news of the day? I was thinking about it one evening, while getting ready for bed. I go to bed early, […]


Here’s an interesting question I get sometimes, about when or whether to use cleansing oil or cleansing balm. I should say that I’m a proponent of using both, because I’m a proponent of double cleansing. It’s the one facet of the Japanese skincare routine I started with, that I maintain and it seems to be […]


Towards the end of every year, just as everyone is feeling a bit tired of the glitz and glitter surrounding the Christmas season, and feeling just that little bit more stuffed from feasting, a ripple goes through the beauty industry when the Pantone Colour of the Year is announced. I only mention the beauty industry, […]


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