Budget Beauty : Cheap and good?

Products reviewed or featured are usually mass consumer products which are affordable for many. Perceptions of affordability can differ from person to person and from one product category to another. Most of these products can be found at pharmacies or drugstores and I will rate them accordingly.

After my initial foray into Baviphat, it would appear that I’m not quite enamoured with the 2 things I’ve tried – Juicy Mask and the Apple Jelly Lip Scrub. The last item I purchased from Baviphat was the Two Times BB Cleansing Oil. Might it fare better than the other things I tried? The bottle […]


If ever a liquid foundation got a ton of flack, Revlon PhotoReady foundation would be it. Every single review (and every comment I received when I previewed this here) mentioned how sparkly it was and how utterly vampiric it was… if you subscribe to the Twilight sort of vampires. Truly, when I tested the PhotoReady […]


Last month I showed you my new purchase – the Hada Labo Hydrating Makeup Remover. I got it purchased from Singapore and I initially thought it was a cleansing oil. Turns out it isn’t. Not quite anyway. The Hada Labo Gokujyun Hydaring Makeup Remover is like a gel in texture. Its transparent (its the bottle […]


Today’s a public holiday here in Malaysia where I’m based (in case anyone has missed that LOL!) because its our National Day or Independance Day. And in the spirit of patriotism here are some brands which are homegrown and the noteworthy items I have tried from them (in no particular order). Do note however, that […]


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