Budget Beauty : Cheap and good?

Products reviewed or featured are usually mass consumer products which are affordable for many. Perceptions of affordability can differ from person to person and from one product category to another. Most of these products can be found at pharmacies or drugstores and I will rate them accordingly.

Whipped cream makes me think of a few things – strawberries (and cream), cakes, pies… hardly foundation. Does the idea of light fluffy white moist cream bring to mind a beige coloured product you’d apply to your face as opposed to shovelling it into your tummy? I thought not! But this is precisely what Revlon […]


You know what? I didn’t realise how much of a cult status Hydraluron has attained, and I had only discovered it recently. Much of the hype has rolled out of the UK with skincare guru Caroline Hirons leading the charge, placing this product in her hall of fame and creating some sort of worldwide frenzy for it. […]


If there’s one item I’m faithful to, it’s to my face wash. I know, strange. But I’ve yet to find a worthy substitute to what I’d probably term my HG (holy grail) face wash, which is unfortunately by Vichy. Unfortunately, because I can’t get it locally anymore. While I do still keep bottles of it […]


When the world raved about the Clinique Chubby Stick lip balms, I sat in my corner, watching the raves and thinking something was wrong with me because I didn’t quite warm up to them. I found them drying and uncomfortable and no one else did. Sure the light tint of colour was nice and it […]


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