Beauty Services for a Pampered and Beautiful You

I love going to facials and spas and being pampered. These are reviews of beauty services I have experienced in Malaysia and anywhere else in the world that I may have gone to. Unless specified, I paid for my own treatments and my reviews are based on my experiences and my standards of treatment, ambiance and comfort, which happen to be quite high. I don’t mince words if its bad!

There are spas you visit and think “Erm… its alright” and there are spas you visit and think “I want to come back and I’m going to tell everyone about it!” Poise Organic and Wellness Spa is of the latter category. A bit of a hidden gem, I would never have unearthed it had Connie […]


I was away for part of last week, taking a long awaited quick getaway with my family. We had decided to visit the luxury resort of Pangkor Laut Resort, after hearing a lot about it. Its also been quite a while since I’ve gone to the beach or to an island so I was looking […]


After my last horrible experice at Jari Spa through a group deal, you’d think I’d never buy another group deal spa/facial package. Well, you thought wrong haha! Not long after that, the Salon Mythbusters team of Xin and I purchased a voucher for a facial. It cost us RM68 for services worth RM442 for a […]


I paid a visit to Jari Spa this week using a discount coupon I’d purchased from one of those deal sites. You know the ones that offer you super cheap prices on what might be expensive products, food or services? Well, let’s just say I’m glad I paid the price I paid instead of the […]


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