Beauty Services for a Pampered and Beautiful You

I love going to facials and spas and being pampered. These are reviews of beauty services I have experienced in Malaysia and anywhere else in the world that I may have gone to. Unless specified, I paid for my own treatments and my reviews are based on my experiences and my standards of treatment, ambiance and comfort, which happen to be quite high. I don’t mince words if its bad!

I know some people don’t go for regular facials, but when you do go, do you always go to the same facial salon all the time? Or do you salon hop? How about if you are a facial regular? Do you prefer to stick to just one? Arguably this applies to all beauty salons – […]


I was recently invited to experience an organic facial, which would have been a first for me. I’m not all that crazy about organic skincare based on some less than spectacular previous experiences but I was interested to give it a go to see what it was all about. It turned out that it was […]


I went home last weekend, lugging with me the Osim uMama Warm back massager. It’d just been dropped off for me to take for a spin and since it did say uMama I wanted to see what my Mom thought of it. The Osim uMama Warm back massager is a mechanical massager for your neck, […]


There are spas you visit and think “Erm… its alright” and there are spas you visit and think “I want to come back and I’m going to tell everyone about it!” Poise Organic and Wellness Spa is of the latter category. A bit of a hidden gem, I would never have unearthed it had Connie […]


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