Beauty Services for a Pampered and Beautiful You

I love going to facials and spas and being pampered. These are reviews of beauty services I have experienced in Malaysia and anywhere else in the world that I may have gone to. Unless specified, I paid for my own treatments and my reviews are based on my experiences and my standards of treatment, ambiance and comfort, which happen to be quite high. I don’t mince words if its bad!

I was recently asked what my guilty beauty pleasure was and I didn’t have to hesitate too long to answer – massages and facials. Its debatable how necessary they are for a healthy beauty routine, but I thrive on regular facials and massages. It may not be necessary, but it helps me keep my sanity […]


Cle de Peau Beaute is a brand I’ve always wanted to try but never summed up the guts to. Despite the French sounding name that means “key to beautiful skin”, this is a brand owned by Shiseido and belongs in the premier league. I once had the opportunity to try a Facial Contour Serum a […]


By way of explanation for my silence on the comment and email reply front, I just returned from a short trip to Bangkok so I’m catching up on everything now! It was a trip I was supposed to have made last year but got pushed forward to this year instead. I’ll have some Bangkok tales […]


If there’s one pampering luxury I enjoy, it is a good body massage. And I recently realised that I hadn’t gone for one in ages. Months, in fact. My shoulders had been feeling very stiff lately, and I suddenly remembered that early in the year, I’d purchased some credit at Energy Day Spa. No better […]


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