Beauty Services for a Pampered and Beautiful You

I love going to facials and spas and being pampered. These are reviews of beauty services I have experienced in Malaysia and anywhere else in the world that I may have gone to. Unless specified, I paid for my own treatments and my reviews are based on my experiences and my standards of treatment, ambiance and comfort, which happen to be quite high. I don’t mince words if its bad!

If you didn’t realise, the brand new year is exactly 7 days after Christmas Day and the anticipation and momentum of the festive period just keeps rolling on to that last stretch to the year. With many people usually taking time off work and just slowing down in general, it is a good time to […]


I found out just recently, that the 128 Faubourg facial salons have been rebranded as Sothy’s Flagship Salons which brings the Sothy’s brand name frontline and center and perhaps a little more recognizable. So, the newly rebranded salons now look like this one, at Publika. I was there recently to try a new facial treatment […]


You know, I came into wearing makeup late and I had a horribly steep learning curve. Unblended eyeshadow, too much blush… oh yeah, those were the days! I also didn’t have as much access to makeup lessons because the one makeover I went for left me with orange foundation, purple eyeshadow, orange blush and deathly […]


The invitation to visit a new spa centre in town arrived at a rather opportune time. A few weekends of jetsetting (hur hur) and full work weeks in between have taken its toll on my poor ol’ body and I was starting to have trouble sleeping. Its like your body knows its tired and that […]


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