Facial Salons I have visited

I enjoy going for monthly facials. These are reviews of facial salons I have visited in Malaysia and anywhere else in the world that I may have gone to. Unless specified, I paid for my own facial treatments and my reviews are based on my experiences and my standards of treatment, ambiance and comfort, which happen to be quite high. I don’t mince words if its bad!

I found out just recently, that the 128 Faubourg facial salons have been rebranded as Sothy’s Flagship Salons which brings the Sothy’s brand name frontline and center and perhaps a little more recognizable. So, the newly rebranded salons now look like this one, at Publika. I was there recently to try a new facial treatment […]


Cle de Peau Beaute is a brand I’ve always wanted to try but never summed up the guts to. Despite the French sounding name that means “key to beautiful skin”, this is a brand owned by Shiseido and belongs in the premier league. I once had the opportunity to try a Facial Contour Serum a […]


I was recently invited to experience an organic facial, which would have been a first for me. I’m not all that crazy about organic skincare based on some less than spectacular previous experiences but I was interested to give it a go to see what it was all about. It turned out that it was […]


After my last horrible experice at Jari Spa through a group deal, you’d think I’d never buy another group deal spa/facial package. Well, you thought wrong haha! Not long after that, the Salon Mythbusters team of Xin and I purchased a voucher for a facial. It cost us RM68 for services worth RM442 for a […]


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