Bath and Body Products

I have a soft spot for bath and body products, in particular shower gels and body oils. I am not so keen on body lotions or body butters or hand creams so I rarely use them and thus, rarely talk about them.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a girl who, through neglect and the evil spell of “laziness”, found herself slowly morphing into a lizard. It started at the furthest of her extremities, with the skin on her toes first drying out and flaking. But did she pay attention? Oh no! […]

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Do you have one? A bedtime routine, that is. I’m sure you do, one way or another It may be beauty related, or it may not. Maybe it involves you catching up on the news of the day? I was thinking about it one evening, while getting ready for bed. I go to bed early, […]


If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I love using oils; be they for the face or for the body. They help my dry skin stay more supple and moist, and for my body, absorb better without ever feeling sticky or greasy, unlike lotions (I don’t use body lotions in general) I […]


Very often, in my beauty experiments, I come across products that I consider similar in form or function and when I find them from different ends of the price spectrum, I share what I call a “Save and Splurge” post. Often, they’re products I like. It only makes sense to share things you like, and […]


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