Bath and Body Products

I have a soft spot for bath and body products, in particular shower gels and body oils. I am not so keen on body lotions or body butters or hand creams so I rarely use them and thus, rarely talk about them.

Ok those of you who travel, or rather, fly around a lot, do you have any inflight beauty essentials? You know those beauty items that you make sure you have with you in the cabin, no matter what? I usually carry my whole toiletries kit on board the plane actually. I just make sure that […]


Apparently right, I’m the last person on earth to have heard about or tried the Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. I vaguely recall coming across it a while ago, but it was always touted as this magical all-in-one cleaning product by hippie green-scaring people and websites, and you know how I feel about all-in-one products, right? […]


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a girl who, through neglect and the evil spell of “laziness”, found herself slowly morphing into a lizard. It started at the furthest of her extremities, with the skin on her toes first drying out and flaking. But did she pay attention? Oh no! […]


Do you have one? A bedtime routine, that is. I’m sure you do, one way or another 😀 It may be beauty related, or it may not. Maybe it involves you catching up on the news of the day? I was thinking about it one evening, while getting ready for bed. I go to bed […]


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